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… a little introduction

Family, faith and work
In four words, this pretty much summarises what I get up to.  All are very important to me.  I’m blessed to have a fantastic family, privileged to be able to serve at my local church and really enjoy both of my jobs.

Why write?  I’ve never kept a diary, but I thought it would be interesting to see what I can learn – not only about myself, but about life in general – from keeping a blog. Why make it public?  You never know, my experiences may help someone else, and I’m sure other people have a great deal more wisdom than me and so will be able to help me!

I have two fantastic boys (yes – really fantastic), a beautiful wife (beautiful in many ways) and a small hamster (hmm… it’s OK).

We’re a musical family.  Barbara sings and is part of the worship team at church, my eldest son plays the drums regularly at church and also school events and my youngest is learning the saxophone.  I play various instruments – so between us we’re quite a band!  (For the record, the hamster doesn’t play anything.)

My extended family are all fairly local, so we get to see them several times during the year.  More recently, I’ve seen a lot more of my brothers, sisters, mum and dad as my dad is seriously ill.  This sort of situation often brings families closer together.

Having grown up in church (sometimes it felt like I lived there!) my faith has always been a central part of my life.  I lead worship at a Pentecostal church before moving several years ago to our local Anglican church.  There, I’m part of the Leadership Team with specific responsibility for worship.  This is something I count as a privilege and a responsibility.

With the ups and downs that come with church life, it’s good to know that there is a committed team all working together for the same goals.  I have valued the support from the worship team and the Leadership Team – especially in the last months with dad being ill.

No doubt I will be posting plenty about worship in time to come.

I have two jobs – both of which I enjoy and give different rewards.  The majority of my working week is at a safeguarding charity (CCPAS).  I’m responsible for overseeing the IT side of things (with help from other people).  I also design all of the literature that comes out of the office, which is wide and varied.  Any ‘special projects’ usually come under my remit too.  Most recently, an interactive ‘Safeguarding in a Digital World’ resource and managing a new Safeguarding App that has just gone live – all very exciting!

My other job is a piano teacher.  I’ve been doing this for getting on 25 years now.  Starting as a favour to a family friend, it developed into a successful music school in a music shop before I took the plunge to teach from my own little studio at home.  This was a great move, as it meant I could see a lot more of my family – the commute from my garage to the back door is about two meters!

Well, that’s about me in a nutshell to start with. Will I keep it up?  We’ll have to wait and see!


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2 thoughts on “… a little introduction

  1. Hi Lisa …working on it!

  2. Just ‘found’ your blog – it’s great.
    I’m slightly disappointment though, that you haven’t taught the hamster to play an instrument………………………

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